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(Final Fantasy) Touch

Title: Touch
Rating: R/Nc-17
Characters/Parring: Rufus Shinra/Cloud Strife
Timeline: Post Advent Children
Warnings: Sex, but not overly explicit?
Summary: Why did he keep going back?
Disclaimer: Square Enix
Author Says: I've been writing fanfiction a solid handful of years now, but haven't attempted smut or anything of the sort. Got inspired suddenly and decided it needed to be written.

He didn’t know why he continued to come. He knew the inevitable outcome each time he answered to his call. And yet he still went like an obedient pup answering his master’s call.

He found himself backed against the desk almost immediately. Lips were kept a teasing distance apart, a scowl on one and a smirk on the other, yet both panted just as heavily.

Of course business was always involved. There was always a package for him to deliver and had not once been illegitimate. Though he knew some were less of a necessity and more of an excuse, but never had he mentioned it.

Hands ghosted over clothing and teased at fastenings. The older man knew precisely what to do and how. In no time at all (never would he admit to looking forward to the encounters) the younger was bucking beneath his touch and choking back gasps. Warm mouths finally met and tongues slid against each other.

He hated and loved it at once, despising the warring emotions within him. He disliked Shinra and what it stood for and, in the beginning; it had been enough to make him turn his back. Now…was he selling his soul somehow?

He knew there were marks on his neck just as he knew they would not last long. He’d left his own marks peppered along the older blonds’ shoulders, easily hidden. Preparation was swift (they’d waited long enough) and entrance even swifter. He kept himself braced against the desk as the President slid into him with long, deep thrusts.

In exchange for what? Pleasure? A moment in which he could forget who others wanted him to be? But…was it really that selfish to want?

Like every other time it ended far too soon. He came with a strangled moan, biting back any words that might have slipped, sending the President tipping over the edge himself. A few lazy kisses were exchanged as they both recovered. (When had they started doing that?)

Cloud sped away from the Healin Lounge as if nothing unusual had occurred within. The package he’d been called to get was strangely absent.


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Apr. 5th, 2011 11:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much. <3
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