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(Final Fantasy) Shards (7/?)

Title: Shards
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Parring: Angeal Hewley/Cloud Strife (Like it's even a surprise anymore xD ), other future slash
Timeline: Post Advent Children
Warnings: Follows the basic timeline, but takes liberties with Crisis Core
Summary: There are some memories lost to Cloud, but hopefully the shards could be recovered. Hopefully the pieces could be put back in place by a gentle, patient hand.
Disclaimer: Square Enix
Author Says: I know this one took a while to come, but I was focusing on my actual novel. Unfortunately I don't remember where I was going with this, so it is taking a new direction. This new chapter replaces the last one. I apologize for the long delay. :(

Not for the first time did Cloud wish Zack was still alive. He had questions and doubts that he wanted an honest, open eyed opinion on that Zack had always been willing to give. The cliffs no longer held the Buster Sword, but a patch of flowers had grown where it once rested. It was habit, now, for Cloud to come here and talk to Zack. It was peaceful and quiet.

Vincent was quieter.

“Cloud,” Vincent’s voice was laden with tension. He came to stand by Cloud, shoulder to shoulder, looking over the cliffs. The ex-turk would not have sought him out unless something was wrong. “Something has been disturbed.”

Dread hit Cloud in the stomach, “Sephiroth?”

“No,” Vincent shook his head, to Cloud’s relief. “Not yet. Something has tipped the balance and monsters are appearing in droves. Some of which I recognize as having destroyed.”

“Then we’ll send them back.”

“Agreed.” The way Vincent cut off indicated he had more to say.

“You have a theory.”

Vincent glanced over at Cloud momentarily with a wary glint, knowing Cloud wouldn’t like what he would say. “Something tipped the balance.” He repeated, voice thick with implication. “That man is the only thing different since it all started.”

“Coincidence,” Cloud defended. His jaw tightened and he closed off, much like Cid was wont to do when he heard something he didn’t like. He ignored the disproving stare he received.

“You, least of us all, can’t afford to be blind. Watch him.” That was all Vincent would say. He disappeared as he had arrived, silently. There were monsters to be tracked and dealt with.

Chaos. It was something he hadn’t witnessed in a while. One lone monster had quickly turned into three and from there hell had broken loose. Angeal’s hand itched for a sword, but there was none to be had at his disposal. He pulled a child out of the street and away from danger, dodging the irate monster whose meal he had interrupted. Everyone was screaming. Monsters were shrieking. People were running and houses breaking. He needed to do something.
“Go on!” He said as he put the child down, urging her in the direction everyone else was headed. Angeal looked around at the wreckage, trying to find something useful. In his distraction he was thrown into the side of a building. The wind was knocked from his chest. He tried to shake the fog from his vision.

A monster loomed over him. It was a tall, thin bird-like creature with lanky claw-like arms and a head that bent to the right to give it a permanent curious tilt. It screeched and trapped Angeal beneath a massive foot. Angeal threw an arm out hoping to find at least a rock. The creature clicked its beak and dove its head down. Suddenly it shrieked in pain and hopped back, foot bleeding from where Angeal had driven a sharp pole into it. Angeal scrambled to his feet and held the pole ready. It wasn’t a sword, but it would have to do.

The creature trembled in anger and charged with its head lowered like a javelin. Angeal struck its pole thing neck with more than enough force to snap it. The creature crashed into a building and moved no more. Angeal only allowed himself a moment to catch his breath. There were still two more.

The first that spotted him was massive with huge horns that curled and rows of teeth. It snorted and roared. Angeal held his ground. It roared again and charged forward before coming to a sudden halt. It was trying to scare him. Angeal didn’t move. It snorted, unsure what to make of this. It charged a second time, but this time didn’t stop. Angeal rolled to the side to prevent getting run over. He couldn’t just snap a neck that was thick as a tree trunk. The pointed edge could injure it, but would that be enough? Angeal ran towards a single story building and jumped. He used the ledge to pull himself up, just barely escaping a skewering horn. He jumped from rooftop to rooftop, leading the creature away from the majority of civilians. Unfortunately, he would soon run out of roof.

He had to take a chance. It was a Hail Mary tactic that Zack may have once employed. Without stopping, Angeal leapt off the roof and onto the creature’s back. He sunk his pole into its skin. It didn’t go far nor did it appear to have any effect on the creature. Its hide was thick and layered. It did notice, however, that there was something on its back. Angeal held onto a horn as it tried to buck him off. This certainly wasn’t one of his brighter ideas.

The creature roared and shuddered then. Angeal only had seconds to figure out what happened and jumped off before he ended up under three hundred pounds of dead weight. The creature was dead, but the question remained ‘why?’.
Angeal came around to its front. The beast had three deep slashes in its chest and a hole from the bottom of the jaw to the top of its head. The cause was a small blonde man with a large weapon who was not happy. Cloud’s scowl was not for the monster, however, but was directed at Angeal. 


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Sep. 21st, 2011 11:45 pm (UTC)
I don't think I saw this before, and read from the beginning. I like the idea of Angeal coming to find Cloud. And is that Zack's voice he heard?
Sep. 26th, 2011 04:39 am (UTC)
I'm glad you are enjoying it. :)
Ah, not this particular chapter, but Zack's voice was heard in a previous chapter.
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